The History of “Captain Blood” by Rafael Sabatini

Greetings, folks! I just finished the latest Bookworm History episode over on the YouTube channel. This time we’re setting sail as we discuss the history and books behind Rafael Sabatini’s epic swashbuckler “Captain Blood”. Click on the title card below to watch and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!

Captain Blood


The Lost Grave of Walter Butler

It seems like there’s been a surge recently in the discovery of lost tombs.  Richard III was found under a parking lot.  Miguel de Cervantes was found in the convent in Madrid where he was known to have been buried (that may sound a bit backwards, but trust me, it makes sense.  The convent was rebuilt in the 17th century and they lost track of where they put Cervantes*).  All of these fantastic discoveries set me thinking about an interesting “Is he really there?” story from the American Revolution: the final resting place of British Col. Walter Butler.
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