The Inglorious Tale of Thomas Blood and the Crown Jewels

In researching the history behind Rafael Sabatini’s swashbuckling “Captain Blood” (click here to check out that episode) I came across a story that is as weird as it wild.  Although Sabatini never said explicitly what inspired him to dub his pirate with the moniker “Blood” it would not be outside the realm of reason to presume he borrowed it from one Thomas Blood.  While not a pirate, Thomas was certainly a rogue, brigand, and a thorn in the side of authority.  His most notable exploit, and the one for which he is most remembered, is his sensational (and nearly successful) attempt to steal the Crown Jewels of Great Britain from the Tower of London.  For punishment Blood earned himself a royal pardon and a royal pension.  And if that sounds improbable, just keep reading. Continue reading “The Inglorious Tale of Thomas Blood and the Crown Jewels”