Stone Church Postcard Mystery

While putting things together for a new Hometown History episode (spoilers!) I came across this postcard from 1921.  The episode will explain more about where the postcard is from but what caught my interest was less about the image on the front and more about the writing on the back.


Postcard Rear

The text reads:

“My Dear Sister:-

Expected a letter from you.  I am located here for a few days, but expect to go home tomorrow.  It is a very lovely place here.  I hope you have made a decision by now.  Let us here from you very soon.

Lovingly Sis,


What was the decision Miss Gertrude Smith was putting off making?  What brought Clara to Dover Plains?  Why was handwriting so much more elegant in the 20’s than it is now? (I already know the answer that one, but that’s ok)

Incidentally, if anyone out there knows who these folks are please let me know!