The Flight of the ‘Bremen’ – ‘City Full of History’ Episode 6

Last time on “City Full of History”, we followed John Champe in his attempt to infiltrate British New York and kidnap the treacherous Benedict Arnold.  This week we soar with the ‘Bremen’, the first airplane to cross the Atlantic Ocean non-stop from East to West!  Come along as we follow the intrepid aviators of the ‘Bremen’ through 1928 New York City!

The history of transatlantic flight is at once both fascinating and tragic, reflecting the pace of early advancements in aviation.  The Atlantic Ocean was first crossed non-stop by John Alcock and Arthur Brown in 1919, a mere 16 years after the Wright Brothers first took flight at Kitty Hawk.  Others would follow Alcock and Brown’s exploit; Richard Byrd, Clarence Chamberlin, and of course, Charles Lindbergh.  While all of these aviators had crossed the Atlantic they had all done it by crossing from west to east, and there was a reason for that: it was easier.

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Kidnapping Benedict Arnold: the Saga of John Champe – ‘City Full of History’ Episode 5

This week on “City Full of History”, we visit three states to track down the saga of John Champe, the American soldier who defected TWICE and infiltrated British held New York City in an attempt to kidnap the treacherous Benedict Arnold!

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