“The Night the Bed Fell” by James Thurber

Happy New Year, folks!  I’ve had a fantastic time this past year putting together all the videos and articles here and as a way to celebrate I thought I’d relax a little and share with you one of my favorite short stories.  When I was little my mother would read this to me and to this day it never fails to make me smile.  I hope you enjoy it!  Just click on the title card below to watch.

If you have any ideas for topics you’d like to discuss or other stories to read in the new year leave them in the comments!

And, as always, thanks for stopping by!  I hope you all have a safe, happy, and healthy 2016!

%22The Night the Bed Fell%22

Columbus, Kentucky. Capital of the United States?

As you drive into the Columbus-Belmont State Park, outside of Columbus, KY, a pair of historic markers greet you. The first says that Columbus was the first town in Kentucky to be picked up and moved. The re-location happened in 1927, when the town was moved further uphill with the floodwaters of the Mississippi nipping at its heels. The second sign, somewhat older looking that the first, proclaims that following the War of 1812 Columbus was one of the locations proposed as the nation’s capitol. It was this claim that piqued my interest.

The markers at the entrance to Columbus-Belmont State Park

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The Confederate Mississippi River Chain

A while back I did a write-up on the Sterling Lake Mines and the Great West Point Chain that the American troops installed across the Hudson during the Revolution. While that chain gets more of the glory and glamour than most others, it was certainly not the only chain stretched across an American river. In a riverside park just north of the small town of Columbus, KY is Columbus-Belmont State Park, home to the remnants of the Confederate Mississippi River Chain.


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